Many people will go back and forth, trying to gauge if it is actually worth it to hire a tutor for their child. For some, hiring one in primary school is much too early. For others, however, having a tutor in primary school will be extremely beneficial.

For those who have children who struggle in school, don’t find any challenge, or wants to do the best they can, having a tutor in primary school might be their best option.

Why Hire a Tutor?

The primary school gives your child the basics. Although some think that tutoring for primary school students is unnecessary, it is often the case that they will learn all of the simple subjects and these will prepare them for secondary school, where everything will be much more in depth and generally harder.

For a child who is struggling in the first few years at the primary level, seeing secondary school closing in on them might be difficult. It’s during this time that they might start slacking off. They are thinking that they already aren’t doing very well, so why bother trying.

However, if you see that your child is struggling early on, then you can actively try to help them. Hiring a tutor for your child while in primary school has a host of benefits, including:

One-On-One Attention

Image of primary school game being played

For students who struggle, it can be extremely beneficial to get the one-on-one attention that tutoring brings. In a classroom setting, there might be twenty children or more, so it is tough to get this kind of attention.

Great Exam Preparation

Exam time can be hard. While it isn’t as hard as it will be in secondary school, the exams in primary school might be difficult for those who already struggle on exams. This will also help them be prepared for the exams that come in secondary school.

They Work at The Child’s Pace

Image of a child reading

If your child works slower than other children, a tutor can be very helpful. They won’t zoom through the material but will work with the child and help them understand what they need. For more advanced students, they won’t have to sit through learning something slowly, especially when it comes easily to them.

Learn More Than the Bare Minimum

A tutor will be able to teach your child more than the bare minimum they are taught at school. Those who have found the school to be boring and too easy will benefit from this. Students who struggle will also benefit, as they will be able to learn the basics and then expand on this, which might help them understand even better.

Work to Overcome Obstacles

Image of a child climbing a rock

Many students struggle with learning disabilities or just being unable to fully grasp a concept about which they learn. A tutor can help them overcome obstacles they might face. This can be finding a way to help them understand something by making it in a way that their brain can process.

It might be breaking it down into multiple parts and showing them how it works or giving them little tips and tricks to help them.

Is It Truly Beneficial?

This is a question only you and your child can answer. If your child wants to go to a prestigious school that demands the best of the best, then a tutor will help, as long as they are motivated. However, if you are pushing them to do this, they might resist, which will make the tutor obsolete.

Students who have already given up will be hard to motivate. A tutor might help them, but it might also backfire and make them dislike school even more.

It also depends on who the tutor is. If they are making things too easy for your child, they won’t learn nearly as much. However, if the tutor only pushes them and never lets up, it might be too much. If you can find a tutor who is in the middle, then you and your child will have a much better time.

Talk with your child and with their teachers. The teachers are the ones who see their performance every day, so if they recommend tutoring, you might want to take them up on the offer. If your child also wants to get some extra help, then you’ll know it’s for the best.


Tutoring in primary school might seem a little drastic to some people. They are young and are still trying to have fun with their lives before they grow up. However, this is also the time when they are learning the basic building blocks for the rest of their lives.

As long as you are sure that tutoring will be extremely helpful, then you should take the plunge. It might surprise you on just how much your child can benefit from this extra help.